Baratza Sette Grinders

Baratza is at the forefront of home coffee grinding innovation, providing home baristas with a range of grinders, designed for home use from the ground up. 

The Sette series are beautifully designed conical burr grinders with exceptional grind quality, functionality and speed - 20 grams in around 5 seconds! With the Sette range, the outer burr rotates and the inner burr is fixed. Grind is fluffy and very tidy (low static) and grind retention is now a thing of the past as coffee passes straight through the grinder, vertically, directly into the portafilter. 

There are 3 models: Sette 30, 270 and 270W. The entry level Sette 30 is fantastic but the 270 is there if you want a little more control over the grind setting. The 270W has the added benefit of Acaia weighing technology to allow precise weight-based dosing. I'm a fan of all 3 models. They are great value, solidly built and very reliable.