Coffee Forums - A Guide

by Paul Sadler

Paul here again. Time to share my thoughts on forums. 

After 3000+ posts on coffee forums along with sponsorship of both "Coffee Snobs" and "The Coffee Forum" I have seen it all. There is an ecliptic mix of forum users. At one end there are the salt-of-the-earth genuine coffee hobbyists and at the other end there are the commercial users who are on the forums for business purposes and nothing else. 

Amongst the coffee enthusiasts there are some who are coffee bean focused and others who love playing with the latest coffee machines and other coffee tech. There are people who buy equipment on a budget and with the help of coffee forums they find ways to brew magnificent coffee without that second mortgage. There are also the gear freaks who just love trying out the latest coffee tech. And yes, I'll confess that before I started up the K Bean Coffee Machines business I was a well known coffee gear freak. 

Of course, amongst the genuine coffee hobbyists there are a plethora of commercial players. Some are upfront, honest and respectable but there are many others playing the forums from the shadows, spreading misinformation to benefit their commercial interests. The good news is that the commercial players are clearly outnumbered by the community of genuine coffee hobbyists. Just take care and read between the lines and do your best to separate information from misinformation.

Forums can be fantastic but choose a good one, If you are looking for a healthy coffee forum to join in with I recommend these:

  • The Coffee Forum
  • Home Barista
  • Coffee Geek