Cold Drip Coffee

by Paul Sadler

Hi again.

Cold drip coffee was one of the first products that K Bean stocked so I owe cold brew a few words of support.

I first experienced cold drip from my own home made cold drip tower - WOW - a slurp of ripened fruit, milk chocolate and thick honey. It really surprised me at the time. 

After a little reading I learned that the chemistry of cold extract is completely different to coffee processed with hot water. The most obvious difference is the low acidity of a cold brew due to the absence of tongue-tingling Quinic Acid 

I still use my cold drip tower. I drip slowly overnight at around 1 drip per second. In the morning I pack the cold concentrate in a flask. Then I take it just about anywhere and everywhere including to work, and on days on the town.

You really must try it one day.

Paul :)

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