K Bean Coffee Machines on The Block

by Paul Sadler

 The Block Coffee Machine

K Bean on The Block - WOW!!!  It started with a text from a guy called "Hans" saying he was on Channel 9's The Block and wanted a Profitec Pro 500 coffee machine for their kitchen for "Challenge Week." And no, not just any Italian coffee machine. He really wanted a Profitec because he had seen one and knew that they are very, very GOOD looking. After a quick chat with Hans I knew it wasn't some prank and I was ready to join the challenge.  

I had sold my last Profitec Pro 500, including my own demo unit, just a few days earlier. I had more units due the next week but that was too late as Challenge Week ended the very next day. After a few calls I finally tracked down the very last Profitec Pro 500 left in Melbourne. It was on the other side of the city, so I set out for on a 3 hour round trip. I really was part of the TV time challenge.

 K Bean Coffee Machines on Channel 9 The Block. Coffee Machine

When I arrived at The Block it was just madness. A hive of activity with tradies, contestants and TV people just everywhere. They miked me up and then I went about meeting Hans and the team, then walked the gear in and set it all up in a very dusty, almost complete kitchen.

An amazing day and a very proud day for me. What a cool thing it is to create a hobby business and see it grow, and to get a little gig on TV like this a little cream on the cake - just amazing.

Thanks again to all of you guys who love my K Bean, and look out for me on Channel 9's The Block. 2018 Season, week 12 ...and good luck to the "Hans & Courtney" team !!!