My Own Coffee Machines and Home Coffee Journey

by Paul Sadler

Paul here.

Like most of us, I started off with instant. A device called the Phillips Senseo came along and that was a huge leap forward. It was similar to a modern day pod machine but used coffee bags instead of pods. At the time, and in comparison to instant, it was great.

Nest step was a big one - I decided to spend up big (cough) and grabbed a thermoblock Sunbeam coffee machine and a Sunbeam grinder. Again, at the time it was great. Another step upwards.  

Next after several months of online research and dozens of of posts on the Melbourne coffee forums I jumped again. This time it was to a single boiler Italian coffee machine - a Rancilio Slivia. I also upgraded to a commercial grinder. A huge step up yet again but before long the poor thermal stability and temperature surfing was driving me mad, so I opened up the machine and installed a custom PID controller. The PID controller resulted in a huge improvement, and yes, another step upwards.

Things were progressing and it was now the lure of the manual Italian coffee machine with an e61 that won me over. I grabbed one of the original ECM Giotto coffee machines (the father of the Rocket Giotto coffee machine). Damn!!! Now this was getting good. Before this changes were steps. The move from the single boiler coffee machine to the e61 heat exchanger was a leap up 3 steps! 

 My first HX Italian coffee machine - TRUE LOVE

My first HX Italian coffee machine - TRUE LOVE


From then on I was absolutely hooked by the coffee hobby. I developed my own custom-designed coffee roaster to roast my own beans, I created manual brew apparatus from bits and bobs, including some very cool cold drip towers. I also played with dozens of off-the-shelf manual brewing toys including the V60 pourover, the Chemex, the Aeropress, cold drip towers, cold steep brewers, siphons and many more.  

When it came to Italian coffee machines and grinders I was cycling through them at what some might call an alarming rate. I basically upgraded my machine and/or grinder almost annually. I guess I would call this is my coffee gear freak stage. There were no Giant leaps here in terms of in the cup coffee quality but I just loved the tech and the experience of driving the very best Italian coffee machines and grinders. 

...and then K Bean Coffee Machines was born and trying out new gear became part of my "job." What more can I say. Happy days :)