Choosing a Domestic Coffee Grinder

Paul here again. Let me start off by explaining why a quality coffee grinder is important.

With Italian espresso machines the coffee extraction speed is determined by back pressure from the coffee puck. Adjustment of the coffee particle size is the “lever” used to control the back pressure. It follows that a coffee grinder with consistent particle size from shot to shot is essential.

You don't have to spend a crazy amount of money here. Domestic coffee grinders with great performance start at under $400. 

Best Domestic Coffee Grinders

When making domestic coffee grinder recommendations I ask myself "What would I buy if my budget was y?"

  • The Baratza Sette 30 stands out for exceptional value. The Baratza Sette 30 won't last 20 years like a commercial grinder but it stands up against coffee grinders at 3 times it's price in terms of grind quality and grind speed.   
  • The Macap M2M V2 GOD is a compact commercial grinder with an established reputation for quality and reliability. The Macap M2M GOD is recommended for people who value and durability. 

  • The Eureka Atom is known best for it’s “silent grind” technology. It’s not silent of course, but it is quieter than most, so if grinder noise is a big issue to you then put this one onto your short list. 

  • The ECM S64 and Profitec Pro T64 have been designed for home from the ground up. They are made in Germany and build quality is 2nd-to-none. Highlights include powerful motors, large burrs, no mess fluffy and clump-free grind and low grind retention.




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