Domestic Coffee Grinders, Melbourne

Choosing a home coffee grinder can be a daunting task, but K Bean is here to help you get it right. My name’s Paul, and I’m the Melbourne coffee guy behind K Bean’s great range of Italian coffee machines and domestic coffee grinders. 

An important part of getting the most out of home coffee machines is pairing them them with quality coffee grinders. This is because coffee extraction speed is determined by back pressure on the coffee puck, and this pressure is influenced by the size of the coffee particles. This means that consistent particle size is essential to enable consistent quality across all of your coffees and that's why it’s vital to match coffee machines with great coffee grinders.

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And don't worry - you don't need a massive commercial Italian coffee grinder to get professional particle size control. All you need is a compact commercial coffee grinder or a high end domestic coffee grinder. With these coffee grinders Melbourne and interstate buyers can get professional coffee without having a grinder that takes up a whole kitchen bench. 

At K Bean's Melbourne shop we have all the best coffee grinders from leading brands including Baratza, Compak, ECM, Lelit, Macap, Mazzer, Profitec and Quamar.

To help you make a decision I recommend starting with my home Coffee Grinder Buying Guide. After viewing my guide please have a play with my home Coffee Grinder Explorer to check out the full range of coffee grinders. Melbourne and interstate buyers can search and sort by using the handy filters.


Domestic Coffee Grinder Sales, Melbourne


Domestic Coffee Grinders, Melbourne - Why K Bean? 

K Bean is run by me, Paul, a seasoned forum veteran with over 3000 posts on The Coffee Forum and Coffee Snobs. Melbourne is my base, but I serve coffee enthusiasts Australia-wide and 100+ 5 Star Google Reviews are telling of my commitment to service excellence and integrity. With K Bean you will always deal with me directly, and because coffee machines are my hobby and my passion you can be assured of honest advice with a smile, along with:

  • Free training (Melbourne) or free shipping Australia-wide (Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, etc)
  • A Price match guarantee and 30 day returns policy
  • Online guides, unlimited after-sales support and an on-the-ground service network

If you're local you can visit my Bayside Melbourne coffee machine showroom. Drop in and enjoy a coffee with me, and have a play with my Italian coffee machines and grinders. If you're interstate don't worry. I offer free shipping Australia-wide so you can shop right here and checkout securely online.