Quamar Q50P V2

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Quamar Q50P V2

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The Quamar Q50P is a small Italian commercial grinder that outsells all of my other grinders combined. The funnel on the front is an empty chamber designed to break up clumps and remove static from the grind. This results in low/no mess fluffy and clump-free grind. The absence of a digital display makes the grinder look cleaner and and that's why I prefer it to the more pricey Quamar Q50E. Don't be concerned about not having a timer function. I recommend the grind and weigh technique shown on my Training Page.

This is my recommended grinder under $1k and being so far under $1k makes it a star.


Burr Type - Planar

Burr Size - 54 mm

Speed - 1600 rpm

Power - 200 W