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Expobar Minore IV

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I'm sometimes asked for the Expobar Minore IV coffee machine and I can source one if you want one but I don't recommend it. Sure they look great on paper at $1500 less than high end dual boiler machines - but of course, the savings shows in components and build quality. Search online to learn about breakdown issues with these machines. I know from experience, as this machine was a warranty nightmare for me ...and an Australian importer who refuses to replace a dead PID on a machine just 4 weeks out of warranty is not an importer I'm particularly fond of.  

Interstate and Melbourne Expobar Minore buyers, if you bought one from me back in 2014 I sincerely apologise and I will make it up to you with a super special deal when you are ready to upgrade. As always my advice is to buy once and buy well, so please take a look at the range of high end HX machines available at this price point.  


Width 26 cm

Depth 45 cm

Height 38 cm

Weight 25 kg

Vibration Pump

Boiler 1.5 + 1.5 L

Water Tank 2.75 L