Lelit Mara PL62T

Lelit Mara PL62T

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The Lelit Mara PID is a high end HX machine in a compact body. Build quality, inside and out, is fantastic and the electronic temp control, low water alarm, sprung valves and stainless steel chassis are the cream on the cake. It is unrivalled in the compact machine class.

Even if not spatially challenged, you should still consider the Lelit Mara PID for it's high quality, great performance and great looks.


Lelit Mara PL62T Specifications:

  • Width 22 cm

  • Depth 40 cm

  • Height 35.5 cm

  • Weight 19 kg

  • Vibration Pump

  • Boiler 1.4 L

  • Water Tank 2.7 L