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Profitec Pro 500

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The Profitec Pro 500 is an outstanding HX machine. It is designed in Germany and manufactured in Milan with German attention to detail and quality. Highlights include square profile, sprung (non crush) valves, SS guide rails on the drip tray, a one piece cup tray, a one piece chassis, Gicar controller, dual gauges and an Ulka EX5 vibe pump. A huge bonus is that the Pro 500 does something most other machines can't - The Pro 500 can pre-wet the puck. 

The Profitec Pro 500 has a reputation for it's quiet operation. The 2018 model has taken this a step further with a further sound reduction of 5dB, resulting in a machine with the vibe advantage of gentle pressure build up without the typical "vibe rattle." This is a huge plus that puts the Pro 500 in a class of its own.  

The Aus Spec machine has had a number of factory mods including a copper boiler (instead of stainless steel) to improve recovery time between shots and a thermosyphon mod to improve thermal stability. It also delivers water at 93 deg C to suit the medium roast beans that we love here in Australia.

The Profitec Pro 500 already has an first class reputation worldwide. With the Aus Spec modifications this is arguably the best HX machine in Australia and it's my best selling machine. It's also the machine I have in my own home.

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Profitec Pro 500 Video Review

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Width 30 cm

Depth 44.5 cm

Height 39 cm

Weight 24 kg

Vibration Pump

Boiler 2.1 L

Water Tank 3 L