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Profitec Pro 700

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The big brother of the Profitec Pro 500, this is an outstanding DB machine. It is designed in Germany and manufactured in Milan with German attention to detail and quality. Highlights include sprung commercial valves, a whisper quiet rotary pump and an integrated shot timer.

A bonus is that the Pro 700 does something most other machines can't - The Pro 700 can pre-wet the puck when running off of tank water and pre-infuse when plumbed in. The result - a thicker, gloopier extraction. This is my best selling DB machine, and my personal favourite of all DBs available.


Profitec Pro 700 Video Review

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Width 34 cm

Depth 47.5 cm

Height 42 cm

Weight 31 cm

Rotary Pump


Boiler 0.75 + 2 L

Water Tank 3 L