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Start with our manual coffee machine buying guide then visit our Melbourne home coffee machine showroom for free training. Bring the professional espresso machine experience home with the very best manual Italian coffee espresso machines. Yes, it's surprisingly easy to become a home barista.

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La Pavoni Coffee Machines are iconic. This Italian brand has a rich history which includes the production of the world's first commercial espresso coffee machine. La Pavoni's Professional coffee machine series is brilliant. Components, materials and build quality are first class and the design is simple, classic Italian. The pricing really makes them stand out as in terms of value these are exceptional. Enjoy browsing my range of La Pavoni Coffee Machines




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The Orchestrale Nota Coffee Machine is a big "no frills" workhorse for your home. Of course, Melbourne Nota Coffee Machine buyers get Free Training 


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CIME is focused on commercial machines with the CO-01 as their first domestic machine. To me, the point of difference for the CIME CO-01 is that it is a true compact commercial quality machines for the home. It's a "tool" machine that is as far away from an "appliance" as a home machine can get. I'm a fan. And of course Melbourne CIME Coffee Machine buyers get Free Training. Enjoy browsing my range of CIME Coffee Machines


I'm not a big fan of the Compak K Series but the Compak E Series is a different story. The E Series is fantastic and has blown competition like Mazzer and Macap away in terms of speed, quietness, tech and also, value. Enjoy browsing my range of Compak Coffee Grinders


Established in 1920, Eureka is a class-leading coffee grinder manufacturer, providing a wide range of reliable, beautiful, easy-to-use “made in Florence” grinders. They are highly innovative and have some stand-out performers such as the brilliant Eureka Mignon and Eureka Atom coffee grinders. 

And of course, Melbourne Eureka coffee grinder buyers can always have a play with a Eureka Atom at my Melbourne coffee grinder showroom. 

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The Baratza Sette 270W / 270Wi, 270 & 30 are great value grinders that deliver exceptional grind quality and speed as well as neat and tidy dosing. With the Baratza Sette grinder range, the outer burr rotates and the inner burr is fixed. Grind is fluffy and very tidy (low static) and grind retention is now a thing of the past as coffee passes straight through the grinder, vertically, directly into the espresso portafilter. 

There are 3 models: The Baratza 30, 270 and 270W/270Wi. The Baratza Sette 30 is a great entry level espresso grinder, but the Baratza Sette 270 is a big step up for a higher quality grind collar as well as stepless grind adjustment. The Baratza Sette 270W/270Wi has the added benefit of integrated scales for weight-based dosing. I like to keep things simple so my recommendation is the Baratza Sette 270 with separate coffee scales

K Bean Coffee Machines Melbourne has a low price guarantee for Baratza Sette Grinders. Cheap pricing as well as free shipping along with great service, so shop here for cheapest Baratza Sette Grinders, Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide. Of course, these are from the Authorised Australian importer with full Australian Warranty. 

Melbourne Baratza Sette coffee grinder buyers can always have a play with a Baratza Sette 270 at my Melbourne coffee grinder shop. Interstate buyers, you don't miss out as you get Free Shipping to Sydney and Australia wide    

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ECM develop and manufacture hand-made, high-end coffee machines and grinders.

ECM Grinders are designed and made in Germany for prosumer use.  These ooze quality and are a great choice for brand-matching with an ECM coffee machine

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Profitec develop and manufacture hand-made, high-end coffee machines and grinders.

Profitec Grinders are designed and made in Germany for prosumer use.  These ooze quality and are a great choice for brand-matching with a Profitec coffee machine

Enjoy reading about the brilliant Protitec Pro T-64 Coffee Grinder


These are the new Italians on the block. By new I mean since 2000. They have an edge over most of the competition - the doser cone. This is an empty chamber that is designed to break up clumps and remove static, resulting in a neat and tidy dose of fluffy grind.  

Are they tough?  Yes - 200+ Quamars ride and grind across Australia in Cafe-2-U Coffee Vans. 

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Of course, coffee is not all about espresso machines. There are many amazing and exciting ways to brew coffee, including some great low price, low-tech manual options. Different techniques produce a variety of flavours from the same bean. If you truly love coffee then you really need to look into a variety of manual brewing techniques.


Slayer’s range of professional espresso coffee machines have earned an international reputation for innovation in both design & execution – taking specialty coffee to a new level globally. Making a powerhouse impact on the world stage since 2007, Slayer’s coffee machines offer you the ultimate coffee experience. And of course, Melbourne Slayer Coffee Machine buyers get Free Training 

Enjoy reading about the brilliant Slayer Coffee Machine


La Marzocco specialises in high end commercial coffee machines. However, they are also well known for their legendary domestic coffee machines including the La Marzocco GS3 and the La Marzocco Linea Mini is brilliant. And of course, Melbourne La Marzocco Coffee Machine buyers get Free Training 

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Profitec Coffee Machines are the cream of the crop. They are built in Milan to take advantage of the Italian supply chain, but designed and engineered in Germany, resulting in a level of precision unseen in Italian machines - as soon as you get your hands on one you will think "German." Quality is 2nd to none.

Known as the "IT" brand, ProfITec is the market leader. They aren't offered by all retailers as the Australian distributor only supplies retailers who provide exceptional service. I am proud to offer the complete Profitec range including my best selling machine, the Profitec Pro 500. And of course, Melbourne Profitec Coffee Machine buyers get Free Training 

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Sometimes, you might find yourself coming to the realisation that your friend is far more particular about their coffee than you had thought... Select a gift voucher so that your friend can make the right choice.


Beans are at the heart of every coffee. To learn about great coffee beans for Italian coffee machines click here

  K Bean Coffee Beans for Italian Coffee Machines

I have been roasting my own beans for 10+ years and have a special K Bean coffee bean blend that is just fantastic for home espresso. If you buy a machine from me I will send some for you to try out.   

I don't ship my beans alone, but if you're local you're in luck as you can pick up beans from my Showroom in Beaumaris, Victoria. 

If you're not close by and want specialty beans shipped to your door I highly recommend Red Star Roasters. You can visit their website by clicking here. I have known they team at Red Star for a number of years and put them right up there for quality and value. Start with their Signature Blend


If you are in an area with good water, water filtration isn't essential.  Of course, if you are in a location with poor water quality use of filtration is necessary to protect your investment. 

Off-the-shelf domestic filters don't remove charged ions that cause scale. You can always descale your machine but with a good filtration system you won't need to. The Brita C150 Purity is my recommendation as it has class-leading deionising resin technology.

To find out more please read my buying guide by clicking here