Rocket Coffee Machines, Melbourne

by Paul Sadler

Melbourne’s K Bean Coffee Machines does not sell Rocket coffee machines. Melbourne buyers will see the class-leading Profitec coffee machines when they visit my Melbourne coffee machine shop.

Profitec and Rocket coffee machines are at the high end, fighting it out for the crown. Profitec and Rocket are like oil and water so you find that it’s very rare to find a retailer selling both brands. I don’t know of any Rocket coffee machine shop in Melbourne that also sells Profitec coffee machines. It’s one or the other for us retailers.

I choose Profitec and you can see why by watching the Profitec Pro 700 in depth video below which shows the internals of a Profitec Pro 700 and all of it’s components.


Another way to see why I choose Profitec is to read my thoughts on the Profitec Pro 700 coffee machine v the Rocket R58 coffee machine by clicking here

K Bean Coffee Machines 18 B Banksia Avenue Beaumaris Australia