Melbourne Coffee Grinders

Choosing the right coffee grinder to partner up with your Italian coffee machine isn’t simple. K Bean is here to help you get it right. My name’s Paul, and I’m the coffee guy behind K Bean’s great range of domestic coffee grinders. Melbourne locals are welcome to visit any time to try some out.  

Every Italian coffee machine needs to be paired with a quality grinder. This is because coffee extraction speed is determined by back pressure on the coffee puck, and this pressure is controlled by coffee particle size. This means that consistent particle size is essential to enable consistent quality across all of your coffees and that's why it’s critical to have a quality domestic espresso grinder. 

The good news is that you don't need a massive commercial coffee grinder to get professional coffee particle size control. All of my domestic coffee grinders are very capable. With K Bean’s home coffee grinders, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other interstate buyers can get professional coffee without having a grinder that takes up the whole kitchen bench.

To help you to choose the very best domestic coffee grinder for your Melbourne home I have written up a Buying Guide