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Sliver Accessory Kit

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KBC Precision Tamper These KBC precision tampers have been custom sized with 58.5mm flat stainless steel bases to ensure a piston fit to your basket. The handles are crafted from sandalwood and each one is a a work of art.   

Barista Jug This 350ml barista jug is the best milk jug that I know of. It's thick and solid, it's shape is great for milk texturing, and it's spout is perfect for pouring latte art.  

Barista Cloth This microfiber cloth will keep your coffee station and your coffee machine nice and clean.  

Knock Box This knock box stands out from the crowd for it's clean design and high gloss finish. 

Pesado Precision Basket These baskets are laser cut and ridgeless. All this means that you will get a more consistent extraction. This basket also fits about 20% more coffee the basket supplied with coffee machines for a stronger double shot. 

Pesado Precision Shower Screen The Pesado shower screen features laser cut conical holes. Their smooth surface makes them easy to wipe clean and this stops coffee oils from building up. I highly recommend this upgrade for every Italian coffee machine.