How much do I need to spend on a coffee grinder?

by Paul Sadler

Some good news …The need for a ridiculously expensive coffee grinder for home espresso is a myth.

Great espresso grinders start near $500 and as you go up from there you will find a huge range of domestic Italian coffee grinders to choose from, each with strength and weaknesses. Factors to consider when making your decision are:

  • Coffee Grinder Performance

  • Coffee Grinder Experience

  • Coffee Grinder Quality

As you up to and just past the $1000 mark you get to choose from the very best coffee grinders for home from leading domestic coffee grinder brands including Eureka, Profitec and ECM.

Forget about $1200+ commercial grinders as these are a poor choice for home due to high grind retention.

There are many great Italian coffee grinders to choose from. My advice is to start off by choosing your Italian espresso machine. Choose the right machine for you, then find the right coffee grinder and accessories to suit your total budget. 

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