The Business Case for Italian Coffee Machines

by Paul Sadler

Italian coffee machines come with a high upfront cost but the payback period is blisteringly FAST!!!

Over the years I have had many customers visit after crunching the numbers to see how quickly they will be able to pay off their Italian coffee machine with coffee shop savings. They typically find that the payback period is less than a year and this has really helped many to justify the investment to themselves, and often to their partners as well.

…so this gave me the idea to prepare a spreadsheet myself and blog the results. The results are just amazing.

For a family replacing just 4 coffees per day at Melbourne coffee shop prices, a $3,000 investment (Italian espresso machine, grinder and accessories) has a pay back period of 7 months ...and when you extend the calculations to 10 years you get a saving near $50,000. Over 10 years you will save the environment from 14,500 cups as well = bonus :)  

Business Case for Coffee CHART.png
home coffee machine payback period calculator

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