Espresso Machine Maintenance Guide

Manual espresso machines are very easy to maintain. 

Follow my espresso machine maintenance guide below to keep your machine in great shape:

  • Daily - Flush the group - Wipe the shower screen and flush the group again. Regular flushing to prevent build up of coffee oils is the key to keeping your machine clean.   

  • Weekly - A quick back flush - Insert the blind basket provided with your coffee machine, pull your lever up to run the machine up to full brew pressure, hold at full brew pressure for 2-3 seconds, then push the lever down.   

  • Quarterly - Clean the shower screen, the basket and the PF.    

  • Annually (Melbourne) - Descale - Add descaling solution to the water tank then run the solution through the machine. 

  • Squeaks or leaks - Time for a service - If you are handy go onto YouTube, lookup "servicing and E61 group" then grab some tools. If you don't want to do it yourself drop you machine off for a service of book a local tech for a house call.   

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