Manual Espresso Machines, Melbourne

Manual espresso machines are the key to a true home barista experience. My name is Paul and I supply a range of manual espresso machines, Melbourne, Sydney and Australia wide, for people who want to create that perfect coffee from the comfort of their home.

I have developed this website to help you with choosing the best manual espresso machine for your home from the very best Italian espresso machine brands including Lelit, La Pavoni, La Marzocco, Bezzera, Orchestrale, ECM, Expobar, Isomac and Profitec.

Choosing an espresso machine can be a daunting task so I have prepared some great online tools to help you with choosing the best manual espresso machine for you home. Melbourne and interstate buyers can rely on my Buying Guide for guidance and you can read my Blog to learn even more.

The types of manual espresso machines Melbourne and interstate buyers can find in my range include single boiler, heat exchanger (HX) and dual boiler manual coffee machines. To find out what each of these terms means, please visit my manual espresso machine Buying Guide.


Manual Espresso Machine Sales - Why K Bean?

K Bean is run by me, Paul, a manual espresso machine specialist. You will always deal with me directly, and because Italian manual coffee machines are my obsession you can be assured of great advice. Have confidence in buying from a company with over 125 5-Star Google Reviews from over 3000 happy customers. 

Melbourne manual espresso machine customers can visit my showroom for a retail experience unlike any other, including Free Training. When you visit I will have 2 hours set aside just for you. A typical visit looks something like this:

  • Enjoy a few coffees with me and talk manual espresso machines, coffee grinders and accessories

  • If I have what you are after I'll put together a package including Free Beans and an Accessories Bonus

  • After we get the package sorted out we will move straight into Free Training

  • Finally, it's time to head off home with your new gear and your new home barista skills.

It's surprisingly easy to make great coffee at home with a manual coffee machine. I have trained well over 500 people with a 100% success rate at taking anyone from "pod novice" to home barista.

If you're not in Melbourne that's not a problem as manual espresso machine customers from all over Australia including Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney manual coffee machine enthusiasts get Free Shipping, service network support and online guides to show you the way. With my Online Guides and phone support you will soon be making fantastic coffee with your new manual espresso machine.