Should I choose a heat exchanger coffee machine?

by Paul Sadler

If you have read my Buying Guide you will already know that I’m a big fan of Aus Spec heat exchanger coffee machines with E61 groups.

Heat exchanger coffee machines give you the true home barista experience by allowing you to brew coffee and steam milk at the same time. With an E61 group you get an coffee machine with high thermal stability as well as gentle pressure build up to gently squeeze the precious oils from the ground coffee. 

In addition, most E61 heat exchanger machines have large boilers which means that you can get a large volume of steam for milk texturing in even the largest of jugs. Most HX coffee machines I sell can make coffee all day long just like any commercial coffee machine, shot after shot after shot. Even a professional barista will be hard pressed to outpace any of my E61 heat exchanger coffee machines.

Keep in mind that many cafes use heat exchanger machines. They’re bigger than home machines but the technology is the same. All heat exchanger espresso machines are simple to maintain as they have old school simplicity with just one boiler and one heating element to look after.

I’m often asked for a dual boiler machine and I always ask “why do you want one?” It’s often because of the perception that dual boiler coffee machines are better than heat exchanger coffee machines. The truth is that they’re not better. An Aus Spec heat exchanger coffee machine can brew just as effectively as any dual boiler coffee machine, with advantages of lower upfront cost, lower maintenance costs and usually a more compact body as well.

To learn more about manual coffee machine types including single boiler, heat exchanger and dual boiler coffee machines please visit my Buying Guide

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