Office Coffee Machines

Have you thought about introducing a quality coffee machine to your Melbourne office? K Bean Coffee Machines supplies the best office coffee machines along with Free Training, Online Guides and Premium Support.

Italy is the international leader in coffee, and nowhere is that more evident than in the large range of Italian coffee machines. Melbourne office espresso machine buyers looking to bring the cafe experience and the perfect cup of coffee to their workplace can look to K Bean Coffee Machines.

Best office coffee machines, Melbourne, Italian coffee machines for Melbourne offices. Find out how to get the best coffee at your Melbourne office and see our Melbourne coffee machine sales and the best office coffee makers from Italy. Italian office coffee machines on sale

I have prepared this guide to help you to find the best coffee machine for your office. Please take a look at my recommended machines below:

  • Profitec Pro 500 With German engineering and traditional Italian build, this brilliant unit outsells all of my other coffee machines combined. A great coffee machine for homes as well as for offices.

  • Profitec Pro 700 The very best coffee machine for your office with all of the bells and whistles as well as the option to plumb in.

  • Lelit Giulietta A true commercial coffee machine for your office for a true office cafe experience.

  • Saeco Aulika Nothing beats a manual coffee machine but if you really need a machine that can make a decent cup of coffee at the push of a button I recommend the semi-commercial Saeco Aulika.


Manual Coffee Machines for Offices

When considering a coffee machine for an office it’s likely that a fully automatic machine will come to mind. This is because they look easy to use and there are many machines with a misleading promise of cafe quality coffee. The truth is that automatic coffee machines just can’t produce quality coffee like a manual coffee machine. I have tried coffee from the very best $20k automatic office machine and the coffee was OK, but a long way from great.

Although I offer a small range of fully automatic office coffee machines I don’t recommend them. For quality coffee from a reliable machine that will cost less to buy, less to maintain and last far longer than any automatic machine, choose a premium manual coffee machine from Italy.

Another huge bonus that you get with manual coffee machines is that you and your team at the office will get a lot of joy from the espresso making process. The coffee machine is the new water cooler. The kitchen will become the hub of your office as team members gather and make coffee together instead of running out for 20 minutes to spend $4 each at the cafe. Your team will appreciate it and so will your office. Great coffee is really great for team morale.

Best Office Coffee Machines

When it comes to finding the best coffee machine for your Melbourne office, K Bean Coffee Machines has you covered with a range of manual and automatic coffee machines from Italy. As you read up you will soon focus in on the best coffee machine for your office. Melbourne coffee machine buyers are in luck as these machines are on your doorstep.

K Bean Coffee Machines, Melbourne, supplies models from leading Italian coffee machine brands including Lelit, ECM, Profitec, La Marzocco, Orchestrale, La Pavoni, Saeco and Slayer. It can be quite daunting, picking a single option out of the range of Italian coffee machines. Melbourne buyers can rely on my Italian coffee machine Buying Guides for advice and guidance. Or better yet, stop by my Melbourne Italian coffee machine shop to view my range of office coffee machines and learn about manual coffee machines for Melbourne offices.

The links below will take you to my other Buying Guides. You will notice that my website is focused on manual Italian coffee machines for homes. Of course, the information applies to manual coffee machines for offices as well.

Office Coffee Machines - Why K Bean?

K Bean is run by me, Paul, a coffee machine enthusiast. You will always deal with me directly, and because Italian coffee machines are my obsession you can be assured of great advice. Have confidence in buying from a company with 200+ Google Reviews (5.0 rating) from over 3000 happy customers. 

Melbourne office coffee machine buyers get Free Training, Online Guides and Premium Support. I will show you and your team how to use and maintain your new coffee machine, with tips on perfecting the barista workflow as well as tips on milk texturing to get coffee shop quality coffee at your Melbourne office.