Profitec v Rocket Coffee Machines

In Melbourne, Rocket coffee machines are really pushed by some as "the market leader." Take this with a grain of salt as Melbourne coffee machine shops that push Rocket coffee machines are simply unable to offer Profitec.

Take a quick look at international websites and reviews and you will quickly see that overseas Profitec is the Italian coffee machine brand getting most of the attention from home baristas.

Profitec Pro 700 v Rocket R58    

To give an example, consider Profitec Pro 700 v Rocket R58. It is my understanding that the Profitec Pro 700 is ahead for:

  • Internal design, component choice and component quality

  • 2L steam boiler (v 1.8L)

  • Stainless steel boilers (v brass)

  • 2.0 Bar steam pressure (v 1.1 Bar)

  • Stainless drip tray rails (v coated iron)

  • One piece cup tray (v 2 piece tray)

  • Best in class propitiatory sprung valves

  • Integrated PID (v separate PID)

  • Integrated shot timer (v no timer)

  • Stainless steel group mushroom (v brass)

  • One piece chassis (v welded chassis)

  • Can turn off the steam boiler with a flick of a switch (v need to attach external controller)

  • Heavier body with a more sturdy construction

  • Vacuum relief steam pipes to the drip tray (v steam venting into the machines internals)

  • Pre-infusion capability (v no pre-infuson capability due to solenoid valves)

Profitec - The Best Choice for Home?

Rocket coffee machines are at the high end, but I reckon that Profitec coffee machines are a better choice and the long list above should help your to understand why. As a retailer of Profitec I'm obviously just a little biased (yes, I admit it) so don't take my word for it. Take a quick look at the video review of the Profitec Pro 700 V2 coffee machine below.