Profitec vs Rocket Coffee Machines, Melbourne

There are plenty of amazing Italian coffee machine brands on the market, and right at the top there's Profitec. In Melbourne, Rocket coffee machines get a lot of attention, but overseas it's a different story with Profitec coffee machines leading the way.  

ProfITec is known as the IT brand for good reason - they are pure class, with German engineering along with the prestige of Italian build. These are the "Porsche" of the coffee machine world with their focus on functionality and compromised quality. 

As a retailer it really wasn't easy to get Profitec. I had to prove myself to the Australian importer and when I did it was a great boost for K Bean Coffee Machines.   

So, Profitec vs Rocket? Online you will find numerous video reviews of Profitec and Rocket coffee machines. Watch as many as you can and see for yourself.  


Profitec vs Rocket Coffee Machines, Melbourne

Profitec v Rocket Espresso Machines. Watch the Profitec Pro 500 and Profitec Pro 700 in depth video reviews below and you'll see why Profitec is a worldwide favourite. These reviews really show the quality of Profitec coffee machines.

Take a look at the internal layout, component choice, external finish and overall design of Profitec coffee machines, then compare with Rocket coffee machines.