Saeco Automatic Coffee Machines

Firstly, K Bean is passionate about manual coffee machines. No matter how much you spend on an automatic coffee machine you will never get close to a manual machine when it comes to performance, reliability and joy of use.

However, there are times when automatic bean to cup machines are requested for the home or for the office. I have selected a couple of high end automatic bean to cup coffee machines for just this case. The Saeco Aulika and the compact Saeco Aulika Focus.

The Saeco Aulika is a legendary office coffee machine, reliable and well supported in Melbourne. The new Saeco Aulika Focus is a compact alternative suited to the office but also great for home use. If you are looking for a fully automatic coffee machine for home the Saeco Aulika Focus is my recommendation as it’s only a little bigger than appliance automatic coffee machines (eg, Jura, Breville, Sunbean) but offers a step up in performance along with office machine reliability.

To learn more about the Saeco bean to cup automatic espresso machines click here