How do I choose and use my baskets?

by Paul Sadler

  • With most Italian espresso machines you will get a standards single basket and a standard double basket. Of course, I always recommend upgrading to a Precision Double Basket for the very best results.

    • Recommended doses for the baskets are:

    • Standard single basket - 10g

    • Standard double basket - 16g

    • Precision double basket - 22g

  • Start with one of your double baskets and avoid the single basket. The main reason for starting with a double basket is that with a double basket the coffee puck is thicker and less prone to water channeling. So start off with the double basket and master your espresso extractions.

  • After you have mastered your double basket extractions you can try out the single basket. With Italian coffee machines, using single baskets can be tricky to use because of the thin coffee pucks which are highly prone to water channeling. For this reason I highly recommend using a Coffee Distribution Tool

  • When it comes to dosing, the best approach for a single basket is to add the amount of coffee that gives you the same extraction speed that you get when using your double basket. You should find this sweet spot at around 10g. When you find the sweet spot you will be able to toggle between double and single baskets without any need to adjust the grinder setting.

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