What are the pressure gauges for?

by Paul Sadler

Most Italian coffee machines have 2 gauges.

  • Gauge 1 - Steam boiler pressure (typically 1-1.2 bar)

  • Gauge 2 - Brew pump pressure (typically 10-12 bar)

You will find the gauges interesting when you first get a coffee machine as they will help you to understand how the machine works. They are also useful to technicians during machine set up, and they can come in handy when diagnosing technical problems.

I’m often asked I watch the gauges when making coffee and the answer is no. I may glance at them occasionally but I don’t drive with them. Gauges on a coffee machine are a little like gauges on a car. When driving either a coffee machine or a car you only don’t need to look at the gauges but it’s good to be aware of them and to understand when they are there for.

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