How do I set up my new coffee grinder?

by Paul Sadler

Here are the steps to follow to tune in a new coffee grinder:

  • The first thing to do is to find the zero point.

    • Start with an empty and clean grinder.

    • Rotate the collar until the top and bottom burrs touch. This is the zero point.

    • Some expect the zero reading on the grinder to align with the actual zero point of the grinder but this is not the case. The numbers are a relative scale.

  • After finding the zero point.

    • Gradually move the burrs towards a coarser grind, pulsing the grinder for 2-3 seconds at small intervals.

    • Initially nothing will come out but you will eventually get to a point where very fine grind starts exiting from the chute.

    • Continue coarser until the grind is close to espresso grind then fine tune the grinder. To fine tune the grinder follow the steps in my Espresso Workflow

Note - You will need to run 100g of coffee through a new grinder before tuning in. This 100g will fill the burr cavities in the way they will be filled during daily operation.

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