How do I use the lever on my E61 group?

by Paul Sadler

Most manual Italian coffee machines have a lever operated E61 group.

When you first play you will notice 3 lever positions, but there are actually 4.

  • Position 1: down - water channel closed, pump off

  • Position 2: near 45 degrees - water channel channel closed, pump off

  • Position 3: near 25 degrees - water channel open, pump on

  • Position 4: up - water channel open, pump on

Positions 1, 2 and 4 are easy to find as they lock in. To find position 3 you need to have a play. Position 3 is where most E61 coffee machines will allow you to pre-wet the coffee puck when running off of a tank or to pre-infuse when running plumbed.

Sow you know how to pre-wet or pre-infuse. Next comes the important question: How useful are pre-wetting and pre-infusion? For the answer to this click here

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