Why is my coffee coming out too quickly?

by Paul Sadler

Here is a list of causes of quick coffee extractions:

  • Firstly, make sure that you are following every step of my Espresso Workflow

  • You may have too little coffee in your PF so check that the coffee dose is correct. Read my FAQ on Coffee Dosing

  • The coffee grind may be too course so try a finer grind.

  • Check the grind distribution. I recommend using a Coffee Distribution Tool

  • Make sure that your tamp is even and firm, and only tamp once as over-tamping can break the coffee puck and cause channeling.

  • It is always best to use fresh coffee beans, not supermarket beans. Supermarket beans are always stale and this will generally result in quick extractions. You can use them but tuning in can be tricky as you will need to adjust your grinder to a very fine setting. Read my Blog about coffee bean freshness and storage by clicking Here

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