Why is my coffee coming out too quickly?

by Paul Sadler

  • First, go back to my Training Page and follow my 10 Step Coffee Machine Espresso Workflow.
  • You may have too little coffee in your PF so check that the dose is correct. I recommend 22g for a 20g precision basket. 
  • The grind may be too coarse. Turn your grinder collar anti-clockwise (to a small number) to make the grind finer. 
  • Check your distribution of grinds in the basket. I recommend using a Grind Distribution Tool
  • Make sure that your tamp is even and firm, and only tamp once as over-tamping can break the coffee puck and cause channelling.
  • Make sure that you are using fresh coffee beans. Beans less than 4 weeks old are recommended. Read my Blog about coffee bean freshness and storage by clicking here.