Why has my grinder seized or why is my coffee grinder spitting chunks?

by Paul Sadler

  • I see this regularly and here's the reason. If you move the grinder from coarse back to fine without pulsing at intervals you will get large bean fragments caught between the burrs. 
  • If this happens, back off to coarse, then pulse the grinder, at small (1cm) intervals, as you work your way back to fine.   
  • If you still can’t produce a fine grind and cannot turn the collar any further first check for restrictors in the adjustment collar and remove them. If the problem is still there you need to clean out the grinder. 
  • To clean out the grinder you need to unplug the grinder, remove the hopper, unscrew the collar, tip the grinder to empty out the beans, then reassemble. 
  • For a fool proof method from here follow the "How do I set up my grinder for the first time?" procedure above.