Warranty Policy

by Paul Sadler

  • New goods - Home use, 12 months parts and labour - Business use, 12 months parts only.

  • Ex-demo goods - Home use, 6 months parts and labour - Business use, 6 months parts only.

  • Traded in goods - 3 months labour only.

  • Warranty is valid within Australia only. No international warranty.

  • Warranty is fully transferable upon change of ownership.

  • Warranty repairs are BTB (back-to-base). This means that you will need to get your machine to your closest coffee machine technician. You won't have to travel far as K Bean has access to a network of technicians covering every metropolitan area.

  • Warranty covers

    • Manufacturing defects.

  • Warranty does not cover

    • Perishables such as springs and gaskets just as a car warranty does not cover perishables such as brake pads and tyres.

    • Damage caused by poor water quality issues (scale, etc).

    • Damage caused by user error, poor machine maintenance or unauthorised repairs.