Warranty Procedure

by Paul Sadler

If you have a problem please start with the K Bean technical support notes and FAQs here

If you still have an issue please contact me (Paul) as most problems can be resolved very quickly over the phone.   

If an assessment or a repair is needed you will be guided to your to your closest technician. The technician will assess the item

  • If a manufacturing defect is found the technician will repair the machine under warranty.   
  • If no manufacturing defect is found the technician will send you a quotation for the repair.

Warranty assessment isn't always straight forward so I rely on technician's to assess validity. Technician's are independent. They will be paid for the repair by K Bean or by you so they have no motivation to be anything but honest. K Bean will always respect the assessment of the coffee machine technician and when buying from K Bean you agree to do the same.