Espresso Accessory Guide

A quality Italian coffee machine and grinder is the first step but don’t forget to get some great accessories.

Premium accessories will improve the consistency and the quality of your coffee extraction and they will also help you to keep your coffee machine and grinder in great condition. There's a "toy factor" here as well. Enjoy your toys. 

I have chosen a handful of the very best accessories. I buy directly from manufacturers and pass on the savings to you.

Great accessories will help you to get the very best from your Italian coffee machine and make sure that you get exceptional espresso at home. See my gold plated Pullman tamper here. A precision tamper is one of the most important coffee machine accessories. Find out why it is a great idea to choose the best espresso machine accessories for your home machine.

Accessory Kits

The Bronze Kit includes:

  • Kaldi Precision Tamper These 375g tampers have 58.5mm flat stainless steel bases to ensure a tight fit to to any precision basket. These tampers are absolutely beautiful. The handles are crafted from sandalwood and each one is a a work of art. 

  • Barista Jug This 350ml barista jug is the best milk jug that I know of. It's thick, heavy (215g) and solid, it's shape is great for milk texturing, and it's spout is perfect for pouring latte art. 

  • Barista Cloth This microfiber cloth will keep your coffee station and your coffee machine nice and clean.  

  • Coffee Machine Cleaner This cleaner dissolves coffee oils with ease so it is perfect for cleaning your PFs, baskets shower screens and for backflushing your coffee machine’s group.

The Silver Kit includes all of the above plus:

  • Knock Box This knock box stands out from the crowd for it's clean design and high gloss finish. 

  • IMS Precision Basket These 20g baskets are a great upgrade and they are suited to any coffee machine with a 58mm group. They are ridgeless with laser cut holes for a more consistent extraction.

The Gold Kit includes all of the above plus:

  • Coffee Scales Compact scales with 0.1 g readings, quick response time, and a tray to hold your PF completely flat during weighing.

  • Tamping Mat I store my tamper and grind distribution tool on this to protect the bottom of these precision tools. That's because I'm obsessive about looking after my gear. Most use the mat to tamp on, to protect the kitchen bench. 

  • Coffee Distribution Tool This adjustable tool improves the quality and repeatability of espresso extractions by distributing grinds evenly from the center to the edges of the basket and also, by creating a flat puck to tamp onto. I’m a huge fan of these.


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