The K Bean Customer Experience - What to Expect

Locals who visit the K Bean Coffee Machines Melbourne Showroom can expect a retail experience unlike any other, including Free Training with any espresso machine purchase. When you visit I will have 2 hours set aside just for you. A typical visit looks something like this:

  • Enjoy a few coffees with me and talk Italian espresso machines, grinders and accessories

  • If you are ready to go ahead I will put together a great package for you

  • Next we will move straight into Free Training, covering Understanding Espresso and Barista Workflows

  • After training it's time to head off home with your new gear and your new home barista skills

It's surprisingly easy to make great coffee at home with an Italian espresso machine. I have trained well over 500 people with a 100% success rate at taking anyone from "pod novice" to home barista.

If you're not in Melbourne that's not a problem as all customers from all over Australia including Perth, Brisbane and Sydney coffee machine enthusiasts get Free Shipping, service network support and online guides to show you the way. With my online support and phone support you will soon be making fantastic coffee at your own home.

Before moving on to my Barista Workflows it's important to learn a little about espresso. Espresso isn't just for espresso drinkers. Espresso is at the heart of all coffees made on Italian espresso machines including cappuccinos, lattes, flat whites and long blacks. Please take a quick look at my Understanding Espresso page.