Visiting K Bean - What to Expect

Hello again from me, Paul.

Locals who visit my Melbourne coffee machine showroom can expect a retail experience unlike any other including Free Training with any coffee machine purchase. And have no fear… I have trained more than 500 people and have a 100% success rate at taking anyone from "pod novice" to home barista.

A typical visit looks like this:

  • Enjoy a coffee with me and take a look at my range of coffee machines, grinders and accessories.

  • I usually have all of my Recommended Machines and Recommended Grinders on display as well as a few more.

  • There is no pressure to buy on the day, but if I have what you are looking for and if you are ready to go ahead with your purchase you can.

  • If you buy a coffee machine we can move straight on to Free Training which covers my Home Barista Workflows

  • If you buy a coffee grinder I will tune it in for you, and I will walk you through the tuning in process.

  • When you leave you will have the gear and the skills that you need to make barista quality coffee at your own home.

Preparing for Your Visit

Before you visit it is a good idea to do some prep. This will make your visit smoother and more enjoyable. It will also help you to choose the best coffee gear for your own home.

Start with my Buying Guides which cover the ins-and-outs of coffee machines, coffee grinders and accessories, then take a look at my Recommended Machines, my Recommended Grinders and my Recommended Accessories

Next, visit my Understanding Espresso page then move onto my Home Barista Workflows. These workflows cover simple steps to gloopy espresso and velvety milk, as well as maintenance steps to keep your Italian coffee machine healthy.

There’s a lot to learn and your head is almost certainly going to fill with questions. To answer most of your questions before you arrive at my showroom I have prepared a range of FAQs. Please take a look at my Coffee Machine FAQs, my Coffee Grinder FAQs and don’t miss my Home Barista FAQs

Why Choose K Bean?

Choose K Bean Coffee Machines for exceptional service. To understand what this means please see what customers have to say by browsing my Google Reviews. Also, take confidence from 200+ Google Reviews and a perfect 5.0 rating.

What drives a business is also important. To find out what drives K Bean Coffee Machines please click here