Home Espresso Workflow

It's surprisingly easy to make great coffee at home with an Italian espresso machine. I have refined my home espresso workflow over many years and brought it back to basics. My boy has been following this workflow since he turned 10, and even at 10 he could make me an espresso in around 2 minutes. It really is that simple. You can see me running through the 10 steps in the video below. 


K Bean’s 10 Step Espresso Workflow

  • Attach the PF, switch the machine on, and allow time for warming up

  • Remove the PF, wipe it dry, put it onto the scales and set the scales to zero

  • Grind the coffee into the PF and weigh

    • For dosing tips click here

  • Distribute the grind evenly using a grind distribution tool

  • Tamp in 2 steps

    • Place the tamper onto the coffee and level it

    • Tamp the coffee down firmly

  • Attach the PF, turn on the pump and start timing

  • Stop the extraction when the steam blondes (near 45ml for a double espresso) and note the extraction time

  • Tune your grinder so it's ready for your next shot

    • If the extraction time was greater than 35s adjust for a coarser grind (higher number)

    • If the extraction time was less than 25s adjust for a finer grind (lower number)

  • Remove the PF, knock out the puck, rinse the PF, then put it back onto the machine

  • Enjoy your espresso, or move on to my Milk Workflow and start steaming

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