Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

It’s Paul here again from K Bean Coffee Machines, Melbourne. I supply Italian coffee grinders for home at the Best Prices in Australia along with Premium Support

I have designed this Buying Guide to help you to choose the best coffee grinder for your home. Please read through then take a look at my Recommended Coffee Grinders

Why is a Quality Grinder Important?

Controlled coffee extraction speed is essential for great espresso and with a consistent Espresso Workflow the speed is controlled by a single variable - coffee particle size. This means that it is essential to partner your Italian coffee machine with a coffee grinder that can accurately control particle size. Italian coffee grinders use planar and conical cutting burrs with adjustable gaps. By adjusting this gap you can get the perfect grind size for your espresso extraction. Both planar and conical burr coffee grinders are excellent choices for home espresso.

Choosing a Coffee Grinder for Home

As you learn more about the home barista hobby you will soon narrow in on the best coffee grinders. Home coffee grinders from Italy are ahead of the crowd and clearly excel in terms of the 3 critical factors to consider when choosing the best Italian coffee grinder for home.

  • Performance (noise, mess & grind quality)

  • Quality (build quality & engineering)

  • Experience (ergonomics and aesthetics)

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Coffee grinder performance is all about in-the-cup results. This isn’t the only factor to consider though. No one wants a high performing grinder that is noisy, messy, ugly and needs to be replaced every few years. With a little guidance you can find a home espresso grinder that ticks all three boxes - Performance, Quality and Experience.

Coffee Grinder Categories

  • Appliance Grinders ($50-$250) Let’s start with blade grinders. These chop beans, resulting of a blend of powder and chunks and they cannot be used with manual espresso machines. Appliance burr grinders are an improvement but they are also not well suited to Italian coffee machines due to poor particle size control and large steps between particle size settings.

  • Domestic Grinders ($500+) These are compact burr coffee grinders, designed for home from the ground up. Being designed for home means that these are generally optimised for low mess grinding and low grind retention. Although these may perform well, for a jump in build quality it is generally worth spending a little more to get a compact commercial grinder.

  • Compact Commercial Grinders ($500-$1000) These are generally the best coffee grinders for home as they are generally high performers that are well built and reliable. 20+ years of hassle free, service free usage is typical from these.

  • Large Coffee Grinders ($1000+) It’s a good idea to avoid large commercial grinders. These are designed for fast grinding and they generally have high grind retention due to large grind chambers and long chutes.

3 Best Home Coffee Grinders

The large range of coffee grinders available for sale in Australia can be daunting. To help you to choose the best coffee grinder for your home I have put together this shortlist of recommended grinders:

Eureka Mignon An ultra compact commercial grinder that is well suited to home use

Eureka Silenzio A superstar when it comes to build quality, functionality and performance

Eureka Specialita The best of the best - there really is no need to spend more on a home coffee grinder

Italian Coffee Grinder FAQs

When you start out as a new home barista it’s normal for your head to fill with questions as the new hobby comes to light. For answers to many of the questions that are buzzing around in your head right now please see my FAQs:

  • Can I use an appliance coffee grinder?

  • Is it important to get a stepless coffee grinder?

  • Is a timer useful on a coffee grinder?

  • Is there a mess free coffee grinder?

  • How much do I need to spend on a coffee grinder?

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