Home Barista Maintenance Guide

Italian coffee machines are very easy to maintain. Follow my schedule below to keep your machine in great shape.

  • Every session - flush the group, wipe the screen and flush the group again.

    • This regular flushing prevents the build up of coffee oils and keeps your machine clean.

  • Monthly - back flush the group.

    • Insert a blind basket into your PF, add 2g of cleaning powder, insert the PF, start the pump, hold at full pressure for 3s, then stop the pump. Repeat 3 times.

    • Repeat the steps above without cleaning powder, then flush the group to give it a good rinse.

    • Do not over-clean as the coffee machine cleaner will dissolves lubricating grease as well as coffee oil.

  • Monthly - Flush the boiler/s.

    • Flush water through the group and through the steam wand to freshen up the water in the boiler/s.

  • Quarterly - Clean the shower screen, basket and portafilter

    • Soak these overnight in a solution of water and coffee machine cleaning powder to remove coffee oil.

  • Annually - Grinder cleaning

    • There is no need to disassemble your coffee grinder to clean it. Simply run coffee grinder cleaning granules through your grinder and allow them to dislodge particles and oils from the burrs and the grinder chamber.

  • As required - descaling

    • To learn about water quality and descaling click here

  • As required - servicing

    • Squeaks, leaks and changes to performance are signs that your coffee machine may need a service.

    • Most servicing and repairs are simple so if you are willing and qualified (electrical) you can contact me for advice or you can go online and search for guides. You can find almost everything online now.

    • If you are not willing and qualified (electrical) to service and repair your coffee machine you can take it to your local coffee machine technician or you can book an in-home service.