Coffee Machine Maintenance Guide

Manual coffee machines are very easy to maintain.

Follow my coffee machine maintenance guide below to keep your machine in great shape:

  • Every session - flush, wipe and flush again

    • Flush water through the group, wipe the shower screen, then flush again.

    • This regular flushing prevents the build up of coffee oils and keeps your machine clean.

  • Weekly - back flush

    • Insert a PF with a blind basket then pull you lever up to run the pump.

    • Hold the machine at full brew pressure for 3 seconds, then push the lever down.

  • Quarterly - simple cleaning

    • Clean the shower screen, the basket and the PF.

  • As required - simple descaling

    • Add descaling solution to the tank then run the pump to draw in the descaling solution.

    • Leave overnight.

    • Add clean water to the tank then run the pump to draw in the clean water.

  • Squeaks or leaks - time for a service

    • A squeak or leak is a good sign that your coffee machines needs servicing.

    • Most servicing and repairs are simple so if you are handy contact me for advice or go online and find a guide.

    • If you’re not so handy you can book an in-home service or you can drop your machine off your local tech.

If have any technical issues always start with the FAQs on my Support Page


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