K Bean Coffee Machines - Ethiopia Tour

Hi there - It’s Paul here again.

The K in K Bean comes from Kaldi, the Ethiopian goat herder who, as legend has it, discovered coffee. The legend originates from the Kaffa region, so this was a place that I really needed to visit.

…when drinking from a stream appreciate the source…

In June 2019 I set out on a journey with a photographer, a chef, a driver and a guide. My goals where to to experience Ethiopian coffee culture, wander old growth coffee forests, visit families with “backyard” coffee plantations, see commercial plantations, meet coffee farmers, learn about coffee farming, coffee processing and the coffee bean business, and to find a way to source the very best coffee beans for Melbourne coffee machines, directly from the farmers.

The trip was so much more than I had expected. Without exaggeration, it was mind blowing and life changing. If I had to sum up the trip in one word it would be “people.” The Ethiopian people are some of the warmest, happiest and kindest that I have met on my travels. I have returned from Ethiopia with a new and fresh outlook on life and have a number of ideas for future business and charitable engagement. This includes a partnership with a coffee farm offering Ethiopian Gesha coffee and an education fund for the amazing Bartagi. I have many more ideas so stay tuned as these develop.

I really can’t do much justice with text or even with photos so the best thing that I can do is point you towards the K Bean Coffee Machines YouTube Channel. I have videos there now and many more to come very soon.

Thank you for reading about my little journey and watching my Videos

Paul Sadler