La Pavoni Coffee Machines

La Pavoni is an iconic Italian coffee machine brand with over 100 years of rich history. K Bean is a proud Melbourne La Pavoni coffee machine retailer. La Pavoni Cellini coffee machines are at the high end in terms of components, materials and build quality with pricing that really makes them stand out as in terms of value.

K Bean does not sell the “off-the-shelf” La Pavoni Cellini with Italian factory settings. K Bean only sells the Aus Spec La Pavoni Cellini. To learn why the Aus Spec modification is so important for HX coffee machines click here

Melbourne La Pavoni coffee machine buyers get Free Training and coffee enthusiasts from all over Australia including Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney La Pavoni espresso machine customers get free shipping along with online guides and phone support.

Enjoy browsing my range of La Pavoni coffee machines.