Home Barista Workflows

It's surprisingly easy to become a home barista with a manual espresso machine. Start with my easy to follow workflows. I have refined my home barista workflows over the years to bring everything back to basics. My son has been following these workflows to make coffees for his Mum and Dad since the age of 10. It’s that simple.

When you buy an Italian espresso machine from K Bean these workflows are covered during your Free Training session at my Melbourne coffee machine showroom. If you’re not in Melbourne that’s not a problem as I have spent many years refining my espresso, milk and maintenance workflows to make them short, sharp and intuitive. Of course, if you do have questions I’m always here for direct support. 

Before moving on to the workflows please take a look at my Understanding Espresso page. It's important to have an understanding of espresso before you move on to the steps.