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Eureka Atom

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The solid and punchy Eureka Atom is a brilliant grinder. Highlights include large burrs, a powerful motor, quick grind speed, step-less adjustment and low/no mess grinding. It's also the quietest grinder I know of and this grinder is my choice for my own home. 


  • 60mm planar burrs - Large burrs make short work of pulverizing beans into a uniform distribution.

  • Sound insulation - A metal case and a design dedicated to quiet motor and burr sounds.

  • Timer based dosing - Set grind times for both single or double shots.

  • Manual pulse grind - Grind on demand with a dedicated pulse brew button or the portafilter button.

  • Quick change system - The Atom comes with a novel system for changing from a PF holder to a grounds bin in a flash.

  • Stepless micrometric adjustment - With infinite burr settings, the Atom offers fine control over grind size.

  • Removable top burr - The top burr of the Atom is easily removable for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Bottom burr adjust - Adjustments happen at the lower burr, so your grind setting will be saved after cleaning.


Burr Type - Planar

Burr Size - 60 mm

Speed - 1350 rpm

Power - 450 W