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Profitec Pro 800

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The Profitec Pro 800 was my home machine for 12 months so yes, I like it. It oozes quality and was a pleasure to use every morning. It has a legendary CMA group, a 3L copper boiler and PID control.

...and these are true work-horses. This machine runs back-to-back coffees all day long at my local Coffee Bar.

Profitec Pro 800 Video Review

K Bean Profitec Pro 800 with Music :)

Profitec Pro 800 Features & Specifications

  • Unpretentious design with a high-quality workmanship

  • Massive lever brew-group, weight 7.8kg

  • Uses 58mm filter baskets

  • Copper boiler with a 3.5L volume

  • PID-display behind the drip tray to adjust the boiler temperature

  • Simple switch from water tank to a fixed water supply. Internal pump used when switched to tank, pump does not operate when switched to mains (so near silent operation)

  • Waste water drainage is in place

  • Drip tray with a 1L capacity

  • 3L volume water tank

  • High-end, stainless steel steam- and hot-water wands (‘no burn’)

  • Boiler pressure gauge

  • 2 signal lights

    • green (indicates operational readiness) and

    • orange (indicates water tank shut-off is on)

  • Large, removable cup warming tray

  • Height-adjustable feet

  • Output: 230V, 1600W

  • Dimensions (h x w x d): 42 x 34 x 51 cm

  • Included: 3 portafilters: 1-cup, 2-cup & bottomless