Sliver Accessory Kit

Sliver Accessory Kit

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The Silver Kit includes:

  • Kaldi Precision Tamper These 400g tampers have 58.5mm flat stainless steel bases to ensure a tight fit to to any precision basket. These tampers are absolutely beautiful. The handles are crafted from sandalwood and each one is a a work of art. 

  • Barista Jug This 350ml barista jug is the best milk jug that I know of. It's thick, heavy (215g) and solid, it's shape is great for milk texturing, and it's spout is perfect for pouring latte art. 

  • Barista Cloth This microfiber cloth will keep your coffee station and your coffee machine nice and clean.  

  • Coffee Machine Cleaner This cleaner dissolves coffee oils with ease so it is perfect for cleaning your portafilters, baskets, shower screens and for backflushing your coffee machine‚Äôs group.

  • Knock Box This knock box stands out from the crowd for it's clean design and high gloss finish. 

  • IMS Precision Basket These baskets are a great upgrade to any coffee machine with a 58mm group. Standard double baskets hold 16g and they have pressed out holes. IMS Precison Baskets hold 20g and they have precision cut holes finished with electropolishing.